About Me

Hi there, I'm Sharon!

I'm a wife and a mom of three who has a weakness for chips and chocolate.

I love reading, good music, being creative, dry witty humour, and interesting conversations that make you think.

...and I am someone living with depression and inattentive ADHD.

I am someone who has been in the darkness of depression.
I am someone who has felt completely helpless and utterly alone.
I am someone who has experienced the feeling of hopelessness.
I am someone who has learned that it takes more strength to seek help than not to.
I am someone who has learned there can be hope even in the darkest dark.
I am someone who was saved, and continues to be saved, by Love*.
I am someone who has discovered she is worthy of love.
I am someone who has discovered how to love herself again.
I am someone who has discovered how to live again.

I am someone who has experienced that life can be found in the dark.

*I am a follower of Jesus Christ (not to be confused with the term 'Evangelical Christian' - oh god, no!) and my own views and thoughts about life are flavoured by my own views and thoughts about God. For me, God is not only Love itself (1 John 4:8) but He also happens to be the most Loving Badass; hilarious and grave at the same time; and bigger, better, and way more infinite than my little finite brain could ever hope to comprehend (which, by the way, I have accepted and am 100% okay with). I am fully aware that not everyone shares my views and beliefs and I absolutely respect that; I decided to include this particular paragraph on this page not as an attempt to try to sway or change your views re: God or the universe, but to provide some context for where my views and thoughts stem from.

I am not a psychotherapist, counsellor, or any other kind of certified mental health professional (my degrees are in music and occupational therapy!) and I do not pretend to be. The posts on this blog are filled with my own thoughts drawn from what I've learned from my own experiences and what I've read over the years, and are not intended to be a substitute for seeking professional help. If you are in a dark place and are in need of help for your own mental health, please reach out and seek help from an appropriate healthcare professional (i.e. family doctor, therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, etc.). Even though reaching out was one of the hardest things I have ever done (and I've given birth three times!), it was one of the best things I've ever done for myself; It literally changed my life and I don't regret it one bit. (You can read more of my story with depression and when I finally sought help here.)

There are some links on this blog which are Amazon.com affiliate links which means that anything you buy from Amazon.com today through clicking these links (even if it's not the item I've linked to) sends a little help my way (at no cost to you). Thanks for your consideration and, if you choose to click an affiliate link and end up buying anything, thanks for helping me out. :)

I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to e-mail me here: fromdarktolife@gmail.com

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